Top 5 BEST Gifts for Photographers [2022]

Whether it be a family member or friend, any photographer will appreciate and regularly use any of these great gifts! These are the best gifts for photographers.

SD Card Storage

No photographer shooting digitally can do much without an SD card. Coming from a photographer, we really can never have enough of these guys.

SanDisk 64GB SD Card

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Camera Strap Anchor Links

This is easily one of the best gifts for photographers – of all time. These super easy snap on/snap off linkages for camera straps are crazy helpful when out shooting. And they’re only $25!

Peak Design Anchor Links

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Insulated Photography Gloves

You would be surprised by how many photographers overlook the need for gloves until the day arrives for a winter shoot.

Being able to keep your hands warm while having the ability to effectively operate your camera is really helpful.

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Leather Camera Strap

While you may need to know a bit more about the camera they use, these beautiful real leather camera straps are well worth the effort.

Each strap is hand-made in a small workshop in New York. This is an heirloom quality gift.

Tap & Dye Leather Camera Strap

Get one here: Tap & Dye Leather Camera Strap

Brevite Camera Bag

Not just any old camera bag, a Brevite came bag! Their sleek modern designs and unlimited customization makes for a gift that any photographer will appreciate.

Brevite Camera Bag

These bags are nice. They have several different pockets each with their own purpose, and a modular interior that can be changed around as necessary.

On top of that, they try to help solve a problem that all photographers fear: theft. Brevite bags don’t look like your typically camera bag that may be targeted by a thief in a big city.

As a Brevite bag owner myself, I can safely say that this bag is the best photography accessory I have ever owned.

Get one here: Brevite Camera Bags

Can’t Decide?

Don’t worry, neither could I! That’s why this list isn’t a numbered list. Each of these gift ideas are equally as useful.

What are you considering getting a photographer in your life? What is the most useful gift you’ve ever received? Let me know below!

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