Holiday cards are here!

Professional photography cards are here!

PHOTOGRAPHY, DEMOTTE – Whether you like it or not, winter is almost here. It is the perfect time of year to update your family photos and pick up some beautiful cards to share with friends and family. All cards are custom designed by you from templates available in your photo gallery. The professionally printed cards come in packages of 25, and start at just $25. Upgrades, for example, fancy gold foil, embossing, and custom edges are available as well!

Don’t have a photo gallery? Let’s fix that! I offer professional, high-quality photography for DeMotte, IN and surrounding areas. Book with me now to gain access to an online photo gallery showcasing your family photos. Each gallery is custom designed and allows you to invite other to view photos, download digitals, and purchase prints and other products featuring your family photos. What are you waiting for?

Why send Christmas cards?

Participating in a family photoshoot is a great way to get everyone together, dress your best, and feel good. While only able to offer prints in the past, I am happy to finally be able to offer custom cards for holidays, newborn arrivals, weddings, and many other special occasions. The question remains: Why send Christmas cards? I have put together a short list of great reasons to send cards to family and friends this holiday season!

1. It’s a personal greeting

Christmas cards are a tangible object that people can feel, read, and experience in the digital age. A Christmas card is a personal touch that shows someone that you went out of your way for them. A text to the family group-chat on Christmas morning is nice, but sending a Christmas card is so much better.

2. People love receiving them

People don’t love receiving mail, but people love receiving Christmas cards. They are a fun, personal, long-lasting keepsake, and people love feeling the spread of joy during the holidays. Christmas cards are often displayed in the home during the holiday season. In other words, people look forward to receiving them whether they realize it or not.

3. Give and you shall receive

In short, the tradition with Christmas cards is to send one in return for receiving one. The spark of joy that you will feel when you receive a card in return will be worth the effort of sending them out. If you don’t have cards, how will you return the favor of a family or friend when you receive one this year?

4. Update your family photos

Ordering holiday cards to pass around is a great excuse for getting family together for updated photos, in addition to all of the great benefits listed above. Each of my clients receive a personalized photo gallery.

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