Top 5 BEST Cameras for Photography [2023]

What are the best cameras for photography? The best camera for one person is not always the best option for another. In 2023 there are hundreds of options, but these are the best for you based on your lifestyle.

To keep it simple, I have broken down this list into categories.

Travel Photography

If you want a camera that packs small into luggage, backpacks, and can even fit in your pocket, then this category is for you. My pick for the best camera for travel photography is the FujiFilm X100V.

FujiFilm X100V

This little beast of a camera will run you nearly $2k, but don’t let that scare you. Every other camera on this list consists of a body with a separate lens. This is a fixed lens camera. One lens for everything. After you pay the initial cost, that’s it. No additional lenses.

This camera is next level. The X100V features snappy mechanical external controls, film-stock presets in-camera, crystal clear viewfinder, and a sharp 23mm f/2.0 fixed lens. All of that is packed into a ruggedly-solid, camera that is only around 5″x3″x2″.

This is truly a travel photographers dream.

Low-Light Photography

Anyone who shoots primarily at night knows the struggle of pushing high ISO and getting back a grainy picture.

Luckily, camera manufacturers have been putting a lot of effort into improving the low-light performance of their flagship products.

Anyone who knows cameras knows that when it comes to low-light, Sony is king. My pick for the best low-light camera in 2022 is the Sony A7S III

Sony A7S III

That zero-grain low-light photography does not come without the price tag, though. Running almost $3,500, this camera is not recommended for beginners. This is truly a professional camera.

Wildlife Photography

Photographing wildlife is a beast of its own. I commend everyone with enough patience to do it.

With wildlife photography, you need a camera that supports great telephoto lenses, and can shoot in very high speed bursts.

You can’t risk not capturing the next cover of National Geographic because your gear wasn’t up to par. That is why my pick for the best camera for wildlife photography is the OM System OM1 Mirrorless Camera.

OM System OM1

At just over $2,000, this camera does everything a wildlife photographer will need it to do and more.

This camera features incredible stabilization, a continuous mechanical shooting rate of 10fps, and shoots 4K video at 60fps.

General Photography

For this category, general photography consists of family photography, pet photography, newborns, weddings, etc. You get the idea. If you just need a camera that can take great pictures, this is the category for you.

My top pick for an all-around fantastic camera is the Canon EOS RP.

Canon EOS RP

Probably the most affordable of Canon’s mirrorless line, the Canon EOS RP does what you need it to do, and very well.

At just $999 at the time of writing, this camera would be a great upgrade for anyone currently shooting with any of Canon’s older DSLRs.

The only con to this as an upgrade is that this camera utilizes an entirely different line of lenses. If this is a deal breaker for you, check out Canon’s new 90D.

Beginner Photography

If you are just starting off with photography and looking to make the move to get a nice camera, this is your category.

Keeping my pick under $1,000, I have to go with the Canon 80D.

Canon 80D

You can no longer buy this camera new, but that is more than okay. Buying a used camera is the best way to get into the hobby and start exploring the world of photography.

This camera can be found on eBay for anywhere between $500-800. You may even be able to find one for less on Facebook Marketplace or other local sources.

The Canon 80D was released in 2016 and was an instant hit with vlogger and influencers because it does it’s job incredibly well.

Don’t expect to shoot 4K video or have the fastest autofocus, but for the price this camera can’t be beat.

The One You Already Own

The best camera for your photography is the one you own. If all you have is a cellphone, get the most out of it. There are tons of online resources that will teach you how to get great results from a cellphone camera.

Photography is not just about the newest shiniest gear. Learning how to pose people, find unique shots, and thinking like a photographer are far more important than having the best camera.

What was your first camera? What are you currently shooting on? Let other’s know your favorite camera down below.

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