Owen Cooper – Photographer – DeMotte, IN

Owen Cooper - Professional Photographer DeMotte IN
Owen Cooper – Professional Photographer – DeMotte IN

Who am I?

I am a photographer located in DeMotte, Indiana with a passion for digital and film formats. I enjoy all genres of photography including portraiture, landscape, street photography, product photography, and wedding photography. My main camera is a Canon 80D DSLR, and my favorite lens is a Sigma 18 – 35mm f/1.8. For more information regarding my services, please contact me via the contact form. Visit my Facebook page for the latest!

How it began

My passion for photography crept up on me over a long period of time. Around age 13, I was big into making short films with my friends and posting them to YouTube. These little projects morphed into an interest in filmmaking. As I grew older and was able to fund my projects on my own, buying equipment became more of a hobby than actually creating. None of my friends shared my interest in filmmaking, so my equipment began to collect dust. Growing tired of the feeling that I had wasted money on things I’d never use, I decided to pick up my camera and give photography a try. With the support of a massive online community I fell in love with the art. Being a full time photographer is my dream.

The future

As a young entrepreneur, I have goals that I would like to reach as a photographer. Short term, I would like to become a name that other local photographers know and respect. Breaking into any art form is difficult, especially in such a saturated market. My biggest goal of all is to have a studio of my own. A physical location that I can create a controlled studio environment in would be a great step forward in my journey. I believe that I posses the necessary motivation and passion required to manifest this dream into a reality.

Photographer DeMotte Indiana
Self Portrait
Photographer DeMotte Indiana
Credit: Brandon Kingdollar, 2021
Owen Cooper, photographer DeMotte Indiana
Credit: Brandon Kingdollar, 2021