Who am I?

I am a photographer located in DeMotte, Indiana with a passion for digital and film formats. I enjoy all genres of photography including portraiture, landscape, street photography, product photography, and wedding photography. My main camera is a Canon 80D DSLR, and my favorite lens is a Sigma 18 – 35mm f/1.8.

How it began.

My passion for photography crept up on me over a long period of time. Around age 13, I was big into making short films with my friends and posting them to YouTube. These little projects morphed into an interest in filmmaking. As I grew older and was able to fund my projects on my own, buying equipment became more of a hobby than actually creating. None of my friends shared my interest in filmmaking, so my equipment began to collect dust. Growing tired of the feeling that I had wasted money on things I’d never use, I decided to pick up my camera and give photography a try. With the support of a massive online community I fell in love with the art. Being a full time photographer is my dream.



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